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Pregnancy Services

Free-of-charge pregnancy testing, support, and evidence-based education, all designed to empower you, regardless of whether you are navigating a planned or unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnancy Services
  • Urine pregnancy testing

  • Pregnancy verification ultrasound exams up to 20 weeks*

  • Free-of-charge prenatal vitamins (30 day supply)

  • Pregnancy, labor, and birth education

  • Appropriate community-based support resources and medical referrals

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Pregnancy Services/Compassionate Support
Compassionate Support
You can confirm your pregnancy and discuss related questions with our licensed medical professionals. We will help you understand the risks and benefits of your options.
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"I just love the providers that work here and how genuine they are. I always recommend to any friends."

Need help now? 

We are an accredited medical clinic providing services such as pregnancy testing, verification ultrasounds, and information about pregnancy options. No matter what you're going through, we are here for you, and you don't have to go through it alone. All of our services are free-of-charge.

*Ultrasounds Services Disclaimer
After you have a positive pregnancy test and meet certain criteria, one of our medical professionals may perform an ultrasound exam to confirm: location of pregnancy (in the uterus), viability (is there a heartbeat), and gestational age (measurements used to help determine how far along you are).

We do not provide ultrasound services for any other reason than listed above. Our ultrasound services are intended to provide patients with basic information to assist them in assessing their need for additional care beyond our scope. We recommend that our examinations not be used as the sole basis for treatment decisions.
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